Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is a well-known figure in the web development community, particularly for her expertise in CSS and as a strong advocate for modern web standards.

Early Life and Career Highlights:

  • Rachel Andrew started her career in web development in the late 1990s. She has a background in Computer Science, which she studied before diving into the world of web development and design.
  • Web Developer and Advocate: Rachel is known for her deep expertise in CSS, HTML, and web standards. She has been working as a web developer since 1996 and has extensive experience in building websites and applications.

Notable Works and Contributions:

  • Rachel is perhaps best known for her advocacy and educational work surrounding CSS Grid Layout. She was one of the earliest advocates for the technology, writing many articles, giving talks, and producing numerous resources to help developers understand and adopt CSS Grid in their workflows.
  • Her work has significantly contributed to the broader adoption and understanding of modern CSS techniques and standards.

Personal Interests:

  • Beyond coding and speaking, Rachel is passionate about aviation and holds a commercial pilot’s license. She often shares her flying experiences alongside her tech insights.